Civil lawyers and criminal lawyers who give effective legal counsel are a must in the litigious business world of today. At the Law Offices  of Michael J. Sundstedt, our legal team has over 70 years of combined  experience in civil and criminal law, providing the caliber of quality  representation you would expect from one of the "big name" law firms,  without the "big name" law firm expense. With a wide range of areas of representation, from contract disputes, real property issues, partnership dissolution, corporate law, business cases, employment law, collection  actions and personal injury matters to state and federal criminal defense,  the Law Offices of Michael J. Sundstedt has few peers among the North  Orange County region who can offer the same wealth of legal expertise  in protecting our clients rights. This is why the Law Offices of Michael J.  Sundstedt has been able to maintain loyal relationships with many of our  clients for over 20 years. 


A Civil Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

Our civil lawyers understand that operating a successful business in these economically turbulent times is a challenge. Unfortunately, civil litigation follows many successful and reputable businesses, even in spite of the legal precautions which are taken. Whether you are a small enterprise or a multi-million dollar company, civil litigation is a risk of doing business in today’s world. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael J. Sundstedt will thoroughly discuss your legal options with you, and all of your alternatives to filing a lawsuit, to help you make the best decision possible for your business. We look at each case individually and offer practical consultation as to expected length of litigation, estimated legal fees and costs, and risk-benefit analysis. Our lawyers will thoroughly discuss with you alternatives to litigation when a civil lawsuit is either unnecessary or impractical for you or your business’s specific circumstances.

When a civil lawsuit is imminent and our clients must redress their grievance or defend themselves in a court of law, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Michael Sundstedt have the courtroom experience, knowledge and ability necessary to guide both you, and your business, through all phases of the legal process. Our goal is to make the rigors of litigation as simple and stress free as possible for our clients by navigating the often-times difficult waters of civil litigation with them every step of the way.



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